Fit Friday: Pilates On the Road (A Review Of Pilates Anytime)

DSC_2810One thing I don’t like to do while traveling is miss out on my workouts. While I try to not drive myself crazy with trying to fit one in every moment, I like having the option to do something when I have some down time.

My cardio of choice when I’m on the road is jogging and walking. Going for a jog around a new city I’m visiting is always a great way to explore and catch my bearings.

DSC_2816When I’m looking to stretch out, especially after a long flight I turn to some yoga poses and stretching. My favorite way to stay toned (especially before I hit the beach) is to do a Pilates routine.

While I have a plethora of moves in my rolodex, it is nice to have some help when I’m lost for inspiration or would like to just turn it off and follow along.

DSC_2812A great resource (that for me has been a worthwhile investment) is a subscription to Pilates Anytime. This post is not sponsored, I just truly enjoy this exercise tool.

I summarized the reasons I turn to Pilates Anytime when I’m traveling and need a quick workout on the go.

Variety. There is always a variety of classes on, which for someone like me (who regularly practices Pilates) is important to mix it up and keep things interesting.

Versatile. I like that I am able to choose what style and level I am feeling like doing that particular day because every day is different and my body is always in a new place.

Quality. The instructors on Pilates Anytime are extremely knowledgeable and experienced so I am always learning and impressed by what I am practicing and getting out of each class.

Portable. All you need is your device and wifi so the opportunities are endless where you are able to take classes. I have taken them in my living room, hotel room and even outside on the porch of a vacation rental.

I had to keep this one with Finley photobombing because he’s just too funny!

So if you are looking for a routine to take on vacation with you this summer, I urge you to visit for a free trial and check it out for yourself!

Wishing you a great weekend filled with fun and adventure!

Off to enjoy Greece! Will be posting some things along the way, but will do a recap post once I’m stateside 🙂

<3 Megan

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