Motivation Monday:Always Have a Carrot

It’s easy to get wrapped up in what everyone else is doing especially in the age of scrolling through social media and the immediate reporting of what celebrities and public figures are off doing and jet setting to.

You see the extravagant vacations and remote places people are traveling to but not the daily check-ins at the office, hours spent in traffic, meetings, early morning wake-up calls, and penny pinching that is going on behind the scenes.

DSC_2829 (1)We’ve all been told it’s important to worry about ourselves and focus on what we are doing as opposed to others. While this is true, it can be difficult when it’s put in front of your face 24/7.

What I find helpful when I’m having “vacation or lifestyle envy” is planning my own next adventure. Figuring out what I would like to do next and work towards that goal.

This is what I call the carrot theory. Always dangling that “prize” (vacation, latest tech gadget, beauty treatment, pet, etc.) in front of you so you are working towards something and not against yourself worrying about what other people are doing and things you may not be able to realistically attain.

DSC_2830The carrot doesn’t need to be a big one, it can be a fancy latte at your favorite coffee place at the end of a workweek, dinner with your special someone once a month at a new restaurant in town, or even a concert with your friends at the end of the season.

Whatever it is, I urge you to find something exciting to work towards because life can be tough sometimes if we don’t have those fun breaks from the norm once in awhile.

This summer we decided to cash in a big carrot that was on our list and take a vacation to Greece. Spending time with my family (which is very rare for me since I am on the opposite coast) and eating and seeing my way through the islands is just what I needed to get through any tough circumstance at work or in my personal life.

DSC_2831Wishing you all some time to find the carrots in your life, and reaching them just when you need them.

We are continuing to eat all the hummus and see all the ruins here in Greece. Can’t wait to share!



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