Motivation Monday: The Importance of Independence

With a day to celebrate independence on the horizon I wanted to take a moment to reflect. While I could go on a tangent about the state of the world right now and how unity is SO important, I’m not going to.

Instead I wanted to talk about something motivating to us as individuals. Something worth discussing because now more than ever, I feel like the world is becoming more unsure and even a little scary, especially with social media and how quick news seems to travel these days.

DSC_2670I don’t remember being so uncertain about the future. This can be attributed to me being naïve in my youth or maybe even a little sheltered. Or it could be due to the times, and how we get our news now compared to 20 years ago. Regardless, I think it’s worth mentioning that we should not be afraid. That the world is a wonderful and exciting place, still filled with promise and adventure.

I left home to travel to the islands of Hawaii during college and continued to feed my wanderlust since, traveling across country for a job change and settling into new cities with out a network. I loved the unknown, the chance to build a life for myself and meet all the people I haven’t met yet.

IMG_6858Sure, I am a homebody at times and no one is more connected to their family and home life than me. But I also like to form new relationships, see different perspectives and take away any prejudice about a place I may have innately had and instead fill it with understanding.

Being narrow-minded and unaware is never something I was interested in, I have found I am a better person today because of all the travel and inclusion I’ve had in my life. I am a better partner for it and have really discovered what relationships feed my soul, where the giving equals the amount received.

Independence has given me this opportunity. Being able to set myself free and go in the direction I was meant to with out reservation or fear. I hope to pass this same zest for life on to my children and to any children in my life looking for my opinion.

DSC_1647Independence is what forms truly exceptional individuals, and without it this country, my life, and the life of many others would not be the same.

I urge you to go out there and utilize the independence you were so selflessly gifted. Do something on your own, even if it’s a little scary. You may surprise yourself.

dividerTime for me so get some reading and reflecting done for the upcoming posts I have on Greece, I can’t wait to recap with you all.



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