Fit Friday: 4 Simple Rules for a Successful Detox

Happy Friday friends! I took a day off (you may have noticed the absence of a Wellness Wednesday this week) and I feel like I’ve been gone forever. I’ve missed you all! I hope you had a fantastic Fourth of July full of fun and festivities.

If you’ve been following along on Instagram or picking up on my subtle sign-off’s on here you know I’ve been doing a bit of traveling. I was fortunate enough to go back East to see my family and then take a family trip to Greece. I plan on doing a full recap here so stay tuned!

DSC_2988.jpgAfter traveling one of the first things I do (besides laundry) is get a plan in place for a little detoxing. I don’t mean signing up for an extreme juice cleanse or scampering around for things to undo the “damage” I did while I was away. Instead I look at it as a way to get back on track and feel better. I’m not sure if I’m alone in this, but there are only so many dinners out and food on the fly that I can take. I cook most meals at home so I miss it immensely when I’m away.

I’m not saying I always felt this way about detoxing. I used to think you had to starve yourself or cleanse your body of all the toxins built up by doing something extreme such as a juice only cleanse or restrictive diet. I now know how much that backfires and sets you up for failure, if not immediately, down the road for sure.

DSC_2990.jpgSo what I find that actually works and maintains lasting results is planning out a detox routine. It’s also important to keep in mind you need to give yourself some slack, and not throw in the towel after one “slip up”. If you could not resist the doughnut at work, all’s not lost. Take a walk at lunch and plan to fill your body with nutritious foods the rest of the day. It’s all about balance and consistency, not extreme rules.

I will keep it simple and outline some key elements that I use when I’m looking for a little detox or reset, especially after travel.divider

MSF 4 Simple Rules For A Successful Detox

  1. Plan ahead– the secret behind all healthy eating and exercise habits is planning. If you have already planned out the grocery list, meal prep and are mentally prepared for what you are going to make in the kitchen, the rest is easy. The same goes for exercise, if you sign yourself up for a class, make a date with a friend, or put on your workout gear right when you wake up you are out of excuses.
  2. Move it– a lot of travel requires you to sit or be sedentary for long periods of time. I have a VERY hard time sitting still (just ask my hubby) and it makes for interesting plane rides and car rides. Stretching and getting blood flowing to all parts of my body is crucial when I get back from a trip. Even if you have jet lag I highly recommend a few miles of walking followed by stretching or yoga (preferably at least one of these outdoors) and if you can get back into your workout routine you will be better off, trust me.
  3. Fill up– one thing I miss most about traveling outside of the U.S. is the exposure to so many healthy and nutritious foods on a daily basis. We may take it for granted sometimes but I have to say there are few places I’ve traveled to internationally that can compete with the readily available health food we have around us. I take advantage of this when I return and stock up on organic produce (dark leafy greens and melon to combat bloat) and plan out clean meals that will keep my energy up and repair any stress that travel may have had on my body.
  4. Flush out– a major side effect I get from traveling (although some chips and salsa or a beer or two from the past holiday weekend may do it too) is bloat. My fingers and toes feel chubby and the last thing I want to do is put on a belly shirt when I’m feeling this way. A lot of this is due to all the dehydration and change in pressure travel does, to remedy this drinking tons of water and helping to rehydrate and flush out any remaining toxins is extremely helpful.divider

So there you have it, four simply fit rules to help you on your way to a detox plan that will stick. I made a non-fruit smoothie bowl yesterday that I must share because not only is it MSF approved, but it is detox approved as well.DSC_2986

dividerMSF (No Fruit) Peanut Butter Smoothie Bowl


½ c frozen organic spinach

½ c frozen organic cauliflower (I used a rice version, which makes it easier on the blender)

1 scoop vanilla plant protein (I used Vega Vanilla and greens)

1 TBL creamy no salt peanut butter (check for raw, only peanuts in ingredients list)

½ c almond milk

¼ c water (can add more for desired consistency)

dash cinnamon (helps regulate blood sugar)

for topping

1 TBL unsweetened coconut flakes

1 TBL creamy no salt peanut butter


In blender add all ingredients and blend on high. Stop and scrape down sides and continue to blend until well combined (can add more water if consistency is too chunky). Pour in bowl and top with coconut and peanut butter. Enjoy!divider

I am off to take this puppy of mine for a walk, I’ve missed our walks outside and then dinner tonight with some friends to catch up.

Let me know anything you’d like to see on MSF, I’d love to hear!

<3 Megan

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