Wellness Wednesday: DIY Simply Natural Makeup Brush Cleanser

Happy hump day everyone! I feel like I’ve been in straight cleaning mode since I’ve gotten back from our trip. And I don’t mean laundry and vacuuming, I mean cleaning the tile grout, organizing closets, and dusting light fixtures. If you can clean it, I’m getting in there 😉

While I was running around cleaning everything I made sure to go through all the toiletries from traveling and I came across my makeup brushes. It seems like I am constantly cleaning them ever since a facialist turned me on to how much bacteria & nasty germs can grow (EWWW).

DSC_2997She explained how the dirtiest things we house can be those things we come in contact with the most (i.e. cell phones, remotes, door knobs, and yes makeup brushes). Just think of what a perfect breeding ground they can be, swiping them over the oils on our face, coming into contact with the minerals of the makeup we use and never being cleaned? Nope, not in this house.

I began religiously cleaning them once a week and when I have the time I spritz a cleaner on them after each use. In my clean freak mode I took out every makeup brush I owned, even the angled eye makeup one that I can’t even remember ever using and gave them a bath in some freshly made makeup brush cleaner.

DSC_3000This gave me the idea to share my simple recipe with you because who wants a bacteria infested broom brushed all over their face? It’s also important to keep in mind we are using these on our faces so being conscious of the chemicals we are using both in our makeup and in what we are cleaning them with is crucial.

Have no fear, I have a fool-proof cleaning solution that will get those bristles squeaky clean and leave no yucky, toxic residue behind on your beautiful face.

dividerMSF All Natural Makeup Brush Cleanser


½ c witch hazel (this acts as antibacterial)

2 tsp mild dish soap or Castile soap (I use Meyers or Honest Co.)

1 c filtered water


Place all ingredients in a mason jar, put lid on and shake vigorously. Drop makeup brushes in jar bristles down. Let stand 2-5 minutes and rinse and dry completely on windowsill or in the sunshine.

dividerSo there you have it, a simply healthy way to clean those makeup brushes and keep everything you don’t want off your face and your brushes. I hope you are having a great July so far, I can’t believe it’s already a week past the fourth and we are rounding the middle of the month soon.

DSC_2996I am hoping to start a new book tonight and pour an ice cold glass of sparkling water with lime, so easy and so satisfying on these hot summer nights. What are your plans this week?

Talk soon!

<3 Megan

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  1. GM Meg, thanks for making me think about the things that seem to be so easy to forget. Nice tips today. I have already begun cleaning bathrooms and getting rid of sticky counters and refrigerator shelves. After reading your blog, I will thorouly clean my make up case and brushes.

    Enjoy this summer weather, and stay cool,

    ❤️ Your big fan 😋

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