Motivation Monday: Manifest Your Dream Life

It’s the start to a fresh week and if you’re interested in this kind of thing, the last week for our current moon before we get a new moon on Sunday. Sometimes I do make connections with behaviors or patterns in accordance to the cycle of the moon, and fun fact the tides are also affected by the moon (also the sun, but not as much). The moon can be a powerful thing if you want to believe in its energy.

That brings me to back to what I wanted to talk about for today’s Motivation Monday. I base most of these Monday posts on the spirit side of wellness because for some it’s easy to focus on physical (mind, body) wellness and not as easy to work on the spirit portion. Balance in all areas of wellness is crucial for a healthy existence.

DSC_3019There have been a lot of incredible things happening in my life lately that have not only brought me to a place of gratitude but have also given me the opportunity for reflection. Most of the things in my life that are currently bringing me joy and fulfillment are the very things that I expended my energy towards and manifested through journals, vision boards or in my mind.

I saw the direction I wanted my life to follow and put all my focus and drive behind these ideals (dreams).

So many things are possible when you put what you want out into the universe and let go of what you don’t. If the energy you are supplying and surrounding yourself with is supporting your goal, the universe can be a very powerful tool in delivering what you need.

DSC_3017You just need to be patient, faithful in the process, and true to your intentions. It’s really magical if you think about it and if I didn’t see things happen first hand in my own life, it would all seem very ‘hocus pocus’ to me.

If you are a scientific-driven person or someone who needs the facts and numbers try and see it in this light.

dividerA child comes home dreading a book report due the following week. He puts it off every day leading up to the due date because it is the last thing he wants to put his attention towards. Instead of a seemingly harmless book report, it has now manifested into a ticking time bomb that is looming over his every thought. It is clouding his brain when he wakes and when he goes to bed. The probability of him turning in the assignment is low or if it is crammed in and turned in on time, the quality of work is likely to be poor.

If you take this same story and spin it, have the boy face what scares him most about the assignment (the actual work, time away from his friends, not completing or understanding the subject, etc.) and manifest the outcome that would benefit him in the long run, the story can take a completely different turn. The boy would like to get a good grade on the assignment to keep up his average so he can be scouted to play professional baseball.

To get to his dream of playing professional baseball, the boy needs to get good grades and keep his mind clear and calendar open to attend practices and perfect his sport. Asking for help from a teacher, parent of tutor to get the assignment in on time and done correctly is all part of the big picture. With the report behind him he has more time to focus on his goal and attend practice.

Which energy would be more likely to get the boy to his dream, scenario 1 or 2?


Focusing energy on where it counts and keeping your eye on the prize, is what is going to take you to your goal.

If you instead waste time worrying about things you can’t control or putting things off that turn into obstacles in your way, the path begins to be unclear.

This may be a long-winded way of explaining manifestation and getting what you want out of life but it is such an important concept to understand. I truly believe in it’s power and the power of positive thinking and visualizing the life you want to live.

Most of the time the path to what we want is clear, it’s only when we get in our own way with worrying and negative thoughts that it gets diluted.

What tactics do you use when manifesting your future? I’m so interested in this topic and would love to hear! For now I am going to eat some watermelon and watch the Bachelorette (I know, but so necessary sometimes). Have a great week and don’t forget to manifest what you would like in your own future.



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