MSF Travel: Island Hopping Greece, Part I

Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was a perfect blend of productivity & play. We have been doing work around the house and organizing in a major way, which always feels great. I was able to sprinkle in a few yoga classes with my Pilates schedule and I forgot how much my body needs it. I want to incorporate more when I can, so good for your mind AND body.


As promised, I am going to start my shorthand version of our Greece trip in a travel journal type of post over the course of the next few Mondays. We start at the beginning with our landing in Athens, Greece.

dividerThe city was EXACTLY as I expected it to be, century old ruins snaking around a modern, bustling city. It was mind-blowing to see these things first hand, things I only read about in history class and Greek mythology.

A theatre inside the Acropolis with views of stunning Athens in the background

Our hotel had a direct view of the Acropolis and after a long day of travel we stayed local and went to dinner in the hotel’s restaurant with a breathtaking view. They had a modern rooftop pool with cabana style seating and easy access to the bar, what else would you really need?

Oh, and can we talk about the sunsets in Greece? Having lived in Hawaii I thought I saw the most breathtaking views of suns setting but let me tell you, Greece gives Hawaii a run for their money.

There were cobble stone streets everywhere, which is very European and something that will never get old to me. I love architecture and anything that you need to sacrifice for a classically beautiful setting, high heels included.

DSC_2832.jpgMy diet consisted heavily on Greek salads in the city, between the scorching heat (they were having record high temps while we were there), and the crowded city streets and vibe I craved fresh and light. Greek salads are literally strips of bell peppers, tomatoes & a block of feta with a generous drizzle of olive oil, yum drooling just thinking of them.

DSC_2858You will see cats consistently throughout my photos because they line the streets like birds and are wild yet tame. It’s tough to explain but I had a soft spot for them and even found myself buying cat food so I could keep them fed 🙂

Even lounging on the steps of the Acropolis, cats rule the city

Well that was an abbreviated and simple recap of the first stop in Greece, Athens. We rented a car to explore mainland Greece and went up to Delphi to see where the Oracle was. I will recap that in next week’s post!

dividerFor now I am off to watch the Bachelorette and have a few Justin’s dark peanut butter cups (try them in the freezer!), because that just sounds like a perfect way to end a Monday. Have a wonderful week everyone!

<3 Megan

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