MSF Travel: Island Hopping Greece, Part II

I’m back at it! I apologize for missing Fit Friday, technology is amazing and helpful most times but can be trying and frustrating once in awhile 😉

It’s Monday, the start of the workweek and a perfect time to pick up where I left off on my recap of our island hopping adventure in Greece.

We left Athens to take a day trip to Delphi (you may want to pronounce it del-fy but the locals assured us it was pronounced del-fee). I didn’t know too much about Delphi, aside from the mythical references in movies and stories from history class.


I will give you the gist but feel free to research it further for more detail and accuracy.

Delphi is a couple hours north of Athens by car and if you find yourself in the area, it’s worth the trip. Once you leave the hustle and bustle of Athens and make your way to the country it’s fascinating how much the landscape changes.

The roads wind around a mountainous terrain with large pine looking trees and steep peaks and valleys. It was in the middle of the summer when we went but when it’s winter there this is a popular region for skiing.


You see the ski rental shops and signs pointing to various places to stay and ski that although deserted in the summer seem to be popular attractions for the Greeks when they want to get away to the mountains.

We took these winding roads that clung to the side of each mountain through a few small ski towns until we came to the base of Delphi. After parking the car we made our way up to the famous ancient sanctuary. Breathtaking is the first word that comes to mind and is an accurate depiction of what I felt when first coming into contact with this impressive site.

The Temple of Apollo (where the prophecies were given

The Greeks considered Delphi the center of the world, a place where the oracle could be consulted for important decisions ranging from war tactics to personal growth. Basically anything one felt needed divine wisdom.

According to my husband (a lover of all things historical and very read up on the subject of Delphi) women, referred to as Pythia, were given hallucinogenic drugs and their visions were then interpreted by priests at the site of the oracle (Delphi). This was how prophecies were given.

The ruins around Delphi were incredible to see in person, each representing a different part of this once sacred spot that so many flocked to thousands of years ago.


While you may or may not believe the validity of the prophecies of the Pythia and the rituals they represented, I think we can all agree something spectacular was built on this spot and is something that changed the course of history again and again.

I’m not sure where my stance is on the entire process but I do think the Pythia were on to something. For on the entry way to the temple of Apollo (where the Pythia would make their prophecies) is an inscription that reads, “Know thyself, nothing in excess”.


Very wise words that spoken thousands of years ago are still very much applicable today. This is the way I try to live my life everyday and something we can all be reminded of once in awhile.

It was fun to take you down memory lane of our trip last month, there is much more to come on our little island hopping trek so stay tuned for more recaps. For now I am going to go meal prep for the week and enjoy these long summer days that seem to last so long with the sun setting late. Have a beautiful week, and know thyself, nothing in excess 😉



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