Wellness Wednesday: The Skinny on Protein

Happy hump day! I hope you’re having a great week. Mine has been full of, you guessed it, Pilates. I am so close to concluding my teaching hours and loving every second of it. I had a few questions about protein and I thought doing a post would be beneficial to most of us.

Protein has been a buzzword in the health and wellness industry and while it’s something we are all told to get more of, especially when working out and building muscle, the why and how is not always addressed.


Well first things first, what is it? Protein is what our organs, muscles, tissues and hormones in our bodies are made up of. Every part of our body uses protein to develop, grow and function properly.

Protein is not something that is important only to aide in weight loss, it helps to stabilize our blood sugar, boost energy and support bone and muscle growth and absorptions of key nutrients.

Now that we know we need it, where do we get it? Protein can be found in many forms including meat, fish, legumes, dairy, nuts and seeds. To give you an idea of how much protein is found in certain sources I included some common areas below.divider

Popular Sources of Protein

  1. Grass-fed beef (3 ounces)-22 grams
  2. Organic chicken (3 ounces)-21 grams
  3. Lentils (1 cup)-18 grams
  4. Wild caught fish (3 ounces)-17 grams
  5. Beans (1 cup)-15 grams
  6. Eggs (1 large)-7 grams
  7. Yogurt (6 ounces)-9 grams
  8. Raw cheese (1 ounce)-7 grams
  9. Nuts (1/4 cup)-5 gramsdivider

So how much protein should we aim to consume? For women it’s close to 60-70 grams and men 70-80 grams. If you are having a hard time finding protein rich foods, you can also turn to supplements such as protein powders to add in to your diet when you’re in a pinch.


I believe natural forms are always better but there are plenty of times when a quick smoothie on the go is the only meal I can swing and that’s ok. When looking for protein powders it’s important to look for clean, minimal ingredients and one that has at least 20 grams of protein per serving.


I hope this answers some questions, and of course if there is anything I missed or something you want more of please comment below. I am off to find some fruit and a book because I feel like I’ve been on overdrive and would love to unwind. Have a wonderful rest of your week!



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