MSF Travel: Island Hopping Greece, Part III

Happy Monday friends, I hope you had a restful/productive weekend and are ready to take on another week. I’m ready to take you on a little adventure and continue with my island hopping series in Greece.


After the hustle and bustle of the city on mainland Greece, it was nice to jet off to Mykonos where we had some serious rest and relaxation. It was refreshing to get a mini break from the “go go go” we experienced, because unlike Athens where there is an endless amount of historical sites to see, the islands get a little less hectic and offer coastal views instead. We were happy to comply and spend a few days swimming in the salt-water pool at our Airbnb, take walks by the rocky shore and sprawl out on picturesque beaches.


Mykonos reminded me of the south of France. It had the same “ritzy glam” while still feeling casual and beach-y. It’s hard to describe if you haven’t witnessed it but try to imagine a lot of cabanas, linen pants, rose, and oysters. Everywhere we went around the island there were insane views and gorgeous contrasts of white buildings with turquoise blue water. Yes the water really does look like that, no filter needed.

All the pictures I am including are free of filters and showcase a little of the beauty that you can imagine seeing in person being even more awe-inspiring. I can’t remember a time I swam more or was in awe of such natural beauty.

Enjoying our salt-water pool, this is what dreams are made of

Mykonos is a very rocky island and you can get around it fairly easily with a four wheeler, motorcycle or rental car. We took advantage of getting a car and seeing every inch of this beautiful rock.

The yachts and boats were a whole other thing. Ranging from every size and make and traveling from every corner of the world; toting inflatable animal floats, booming house music and endless parties. You could camp out in the marina alone and never be short of a boat party.


Speaking of party, this island is known for their nightlife and from what I could tell their day life too. We were approached on the beach constantly with flyers for all night parties at clubs featuring DJs and drink specials. It’s no wonder this little island is known as the party island, it’s reputation did not disappoint.

So after our fill of lounging around poolside and taking in the beach scene, we were ready to move on to the next island ready to see the subtle changes in terrain and culture we were reading about. Next week we travel to the infamous Santorini, island of the blue dome churches and honeymooners.

I could have existed solely on fruit, but look at this-can you blame me?

For now I leave you with images of the strongest breeze (did I mention Mykonos was also the windiest island?) blowing over your sun-kissed tan while you sip chilled rose and peak out at the city of white yachts in the distance.


Off to put on a face mask and put my legs up a wall (literally) which is so beneficial for circulation and sleep 🙂 Hope you have a great week!



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