MSF Travel: Island Hopping Greece, Part IV

A new week is upon us and with it the opportunity to spend it however we choose. I am going to stand on my soapbox for just one second, so bear with me.

I feel like there is a lot of entitlement in the air lately and its something we should try to steer clear from. We are faced with choices that dictate our future more than we may even realize. If you choose to stay home binge watching Netflix and eating Cheetos, that is your right but also your choice. If you decide to work as many jobs as it takes to reach whatever goal you set, that is also your choice.

Life is more fair than we give it credit for and if we throw fewer pity parties for ourselves and take the initiative it takes to get where we want to be, great things can happen.

I’m not saying I don’t have those moments, believe me I do, but I try my best to acknowledge those feelings and make a point to instead think in a more positive way.

Enough about that, just something I thought worth mentioning if the universe needed a little reminder. Now for the fun stuff!

I like this is candid, and also loving the cobblestone streets they had everywhere

This is the fourth stop on our island hopping journey down memory lane of my recent trip to Greece. After we left Mykonos we took a ferry down to Santorini, the island known for it’s blue dome churches and romantic views.

Stunning is what I can say about this island. There was so much I like about the island that I’m not sure where to start. First, there are two very different sides to the island. The one closest to the ferry stop is Fira, a place that is more lively and touristy in a way, with main streets lined with shops and places to eat the resemble a more grab and go atmosphere. The other side where we spent most of our time is called Oia, and is more for honeymooners or those looking for a more relaxed and low-key vibe. The stores are upscale and dining is more of a sit down and take in the scenery type.

UNREAL views

Both offer great representation of the island’s specific culture and are something to consider if you find yourself planning a trip to this magical island.

We spent most of our time on the water, seeing the island from a different perspective. There is so much to see and it is extremely diverse! Santorini was formed due to a volcanic eruption so the terrain and formation of the island is unique.

Loving our boat excursion

We rented a boat who had a knowledgeable captain and first mate that gave us history lessons and pointed out sites to take note of along the way. It was a great way to see a lot of this truly one of a kind island.

There are a few musts in my opinion that you MUST get to if you find yourself in Santorini.


-Go by boat to see Red Beach and the limestone cliffs that give this rainbow island character. The volcanic activity gives this island a spectacular crayon box full of varying landscapes and colors in the stony cliffs and water.

-Visit Ammoudi port where there are fisherman constantly bringing in their daily catch for the local restaurants and to source out to the rest of the island. This tiny fishing village is perched up on a sliver of coast away from any hustle bustle of the rest of the island.

-Go inside one of the infamous blue dome churches. You will have your pick because there is no shortage of beautiful places of worship. The inside of the churches are just as amazing as the outside with incredible detail and exceptional stained glass. I visited a few to light a candle and have some quiet spiritual connections throughout the trip.

-Watch a sunset, they are known for them for a reason. Living in Hawaii I thought I saw the most beautiful sunsets imaginable, but Santorini gave my memory of aloha sunsets a run for their money.divider


I told you, kitties everywhere!

I’m trying to keep these recaps short and simple but if there are any questions are more elaboration you would like on anything, please feel free to ask. I could talk about this gorgeous place forever!

Have a wonderful week ahead and be kind to yourself, k? 🙂



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