Wellness Wednesday: 3 Simple Steps to Repair Summer Hair

Hello hump day! Summer is going by way too fast and I need it to slow down just a tad, how about you? With all that fun in the sun this summer I’m beginning to see the affects in my hair. I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling my hair is resembling broom’s bristles so I’ve been giving it some extra TLC lately to combat the dry, cracked feeling.

The steps to repair your hair from heat and sun damage are so simple and straightforward that I needed to post about it and share with any fellow sufferers out there.


Follow these easy guidelines this week and let me know how much of a difference you see in those tresses.


MSF 3 Simple Steps for Healthy Hair

  1. Don’t wash it for 5 days– this is going to be hard but it may be the most necessary step. Not washing your hair for a few days will help generate your natural oils to penetrate hair. Shampoo and water strip our hair of these oils and also dry out already arid strands. Hello dry shampoo and top knots for the next few days!
  2. Apply a coconut oil mask– so easy and inexpensive to do. You don’t need to spend money on fancy treatments, simple and straightforward coconut oil will do. Apply oil to ends of hair and braid or put in a loose bun (go watch a show, cook dinner, take a bath, take a yoga class whatever you can do to keep busy for a few hours) and wait, the longer the better, then rinse and wash normally (paying attention to your roots and applying conditioner to the ends only).
  3. Protect with leave in treatment/UV protectant– every morning spritz hair (away from roots) with a leave in conditioner and UV protectant to help save hair from damaging rays and harsh elements. Shield your hair as you would your skin from the sun, hats and shade are hair’s best friend in the dead of summer.



What other beauty treatments are you looking for to help ward off the summer side effects of salty, humid, and dry air? I would love to hear! I’m gearing up for a full day of work then some studio time to get in Pilates teaching hours. I crave the studio when I’m not there so I’m looking forward to getting some time in. Hope you’re having a great week so far!



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