MSF Travel: Island Hopping Greece, Part V

Welcome back to a new week, full of promise and opportunity. This is the last installment of my island hopping around Greece where I summarize each stop along our trip we took in June.

After we left Santorini we headed down to Rhodes, the most diverse and interesting island in my opinion. The landscape of Rhodes is full of vegetation and has rocky cliffs with some sand and rock beaches dispersed along its coast.

Overlooking our yard from a bedroom window

We had the most connections on this island because this is where my brother studied abroad in college so we had many points of reference and stops along the way that we had planned to see.

Our home away from home for our stay in Rhodes

The vegetation reminded me of coastal towns along the northern east coast of America such as Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. The trees were thick with age and leaves were brilliant shades of green.

I lived in the pool and ocean, the water was stunning

The water, like most of the islands, was so clear and warm enough to enjoy a dip in the ocean whenever the mood stroke.

We rented an Airbnb, which was fully equipped with a grill, private pool and full kitchen. Being at the end of a packed trip it was nice to slow down, cook some fresh and local food at home and take in all the beauty we saw on the trip.

Local fish we bought from the market for a fresh meal at home

If you ever find yourself in Rhodes, I highly recommend checking out one of the many ancient castles, public markets, or even a monastery. We hiked up to a small one on top of a peak that overlooked the town and ocean, it was something to see.

Thank you for coming along with me as I reminisced about our unforgettable trip to Greece. If you find yourself planning one there please get in touch with me as I was only able to scratch the surface in these recap posts and there is TONS to go and explore.


Hope you have a great week and get to do something new or challenging 🙂



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