Wellness Wednesday: Crystal Therapy

Crystals have an interesting backstory. Some extremists have gone to great lengths to harness this unachievable “power” emptying their bank accounts and making headlines which have contributed to the ‘voodoo/hocus pocus’ reputation these mystical rocks have gotten.

Whether you are a believer in the power of crystals or not it is undeniable that any natural mass has the ability to harness energy and affect the environment around it.


Those who believe in their power are convinced certain crystals harbor energy and are able to store, transmit and transform energy.

Many people who are in the pursuit of health, wellness and spirituality turn to crystals for assistance in their quest for a complete existence. Across the world there are cultures that have believed for centuries in their extraordinary powers and in turn history explains how many cultures incorporated crystals in their traditions.


Some of the benefits you can look to find from crystal therapy (as I like to call it), are relaxation, empowerment, and healing.

While crystals are millions of years old, the mystery surrounding them and their legitimacy is something that is still very much up for debate.

Crystals are natural elements that are not as easily disturbed as some other elements, their structure allows them to respond to different inputs of energies around them.


I believe strongly that you are able to change the energy in a room or your outcome of a situation by your attitude and the energy you put out. Crystals are no different for me, if I believe there is a certain energy emitting from a crystal it is just a tangible way for me to see this energy I am seeking.

I will let you be the judge of how you feel about crystals but the subject of crystal therapy is very complex and fascinating, something worth looking into if you have any interest at all.

I’ve listed the crystals I own below and what energies attracted me to them.divider

Tiger’s Eye-luck, motivation and balancing

Hematite-grounding and decrease in negativity

Orange Calcite-creativity and passion

Lepiolite-anxiety fighting and calming

Malachite-abundance and success

Rose quartz-unconditional love and emotional healingdivider

Cleansing your crystals is important. This can be in the form of burying them in the earth for a day or two to get the natural vibration and energy recharged, leave them out in the moonlight for a few days before and after a full moon, or running them under clean water (salt is best).

I hope this post was useful or interesting. I had a few people in my life asking about what the reason for carrying a crystal or having them around you in your living space so I thought it would be great to discuss here.


Let me know your questions or comments, I would love to hear! Have a great rest of your week, I am off to work and AT some Pilates classes this evening so I will be carrying a crystal or two to prepare me for the day ahead.




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