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Happy, happy Wednesday everyone! I hope you are excited about the new month on the horizon and have had a fun-filled summer with adventure and exploration.

I found myself in a creative rut the past few weeks, for reasons I’m still not quite sure of but it did give me the opportunity to look inward and reevaluate the purpose of this blog and what I hope to achieve.

My reasoning behind starting MSF was to keep health-related topics in one place, an easy to understand simple approach to trending and traditional topics in the health and wellness industry.


When I started implementing Motivation Mondays, Wellness Wednesdays and Fit Friday posts I felt ignited because I was able to incorporate all the areas of wellness I feel are important, mind, body and spirit.

What I realized lately was I was beginning to search for topics that would fit neatly into these categories. The thing I fear most with blogging or writing in general is forcing any content and steering away from authenticity.

I want my content and writing to happen organically and not go down the pre-manufactured route. 

So in saying that, I am going to let it happen naturally. I am going to post what I want, when I want. Because after all, this is a place of simple wellness, whatever that means to me at the moment and whatever it is you are looking for.

All I ask from you is to keep the conversations coming, keep the suggestions and comments rolling in, and I will continue to give you valuable information that is not only honest but interesting.



I look forward to continuing this wonderful journey we’re on together, it’s been the best outlet for me personally and I’ve learned so much through the process.

Until next time,

<3 Megan

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