msf-logoRealness. If anything, is what I hope to get across on this blog. Being healthy and living an active lifestyle has always been my number one priority. Why I am so incredibly obsessed with living the healthiest life is still up for debate. What I can say is channeling this obsessive energy into something beneficial, something organic and real, is my intention. The prospect that I am helping someone, even just one person, with a healthy tip or trick is all I’m after.

After being a nomad for 23+ years, traveling east to west and even south pacific, I settled into the relaxed, sunny lifestyle of Southern California and began to plant some roots. The ocean and sun are just as important as air for me to survive. These simple, yet essential elements, along with my husband, fur baby (Finley), family and friends are the reasons I wake up BEYOND grateful every day.

Cheers to yummy green things, decadent treats, and tips/tricks along the way!

❤ Megan



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