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Wellness Wednesday: Dandelion Root Tea

How is it already halfway through the week? Summer days seem to go by so quickly, no? I’m excited about today’s post because I feel like it’s not only in reference to wellness but is also a fit tip. Who doesn’t want a skinny hack every now and then?

I found dandelion root tea first out of curiosity and then again in a recipe for a detox tea. When I was in college a friend of mine who was French was always referring to how they grew up on dandelion greens and how they were full of nutrition.

DSC_3021I thought this was a little out there at the time because the only exposure I had to dandelion anything was the weeds that my dad had me pulling out of our garden and lawn.

Then I tried them in a salad and, if you’ve ever had them you will understand, I was very put off by their bitter flavor.

Now my taste has become a little more accustomed to them and I try to incorporate them in my cooking when they are in season or I see them at the market.

DSC_3020Back to the tea. I saw the tea at Whole Foods and decided to try it, I am a lover of tea and if the greens were so beneficial I was sure the tea would be too. I didn’t expect to get a fun side effect, and lose a little water weight.

Yes, you read that right-dandelion root tea is nature’s tummy tea! It is a great way to relieve any bloat or excess water weight you may be carrying from traveling or ingesting heavily salted foods.

Read on to see my top favorite benefits of dandelion root tea and see for yourself if it’s something worth trying.divider

Top 5 Benefits of Dandelion Root Tea

  1. Vitamin rich-dandelion root tea is full of vitamins including Vitamin A (good for maintaining healthy vision, skin and neurological function), Vitamin K (important for bone and heart health) and Vitamin C (helps with mineral absorption and boosts immunity).
  2. Prevents UTIs-this tea is beneficial in preventing uncomfortable things such as UTIs because it increases urine flow and fights infection.
  3. High antioxidant levels-high levels of antioxidants found in dandelion root tea prove it’s effectiveness in fighting free radicals and in turn many forms of cancer.
  4. Natural diuretic-dandelion root acts as a diuretic, allowing the liver to quickly eliminate toxins, balance blood sugar levels and soothe digestive issues.
  5. Fiber-full-both the greens and root tea of dandelions are high fiber foods. Being high in fiber, dandelion root tea is beneficial aiding in digestion and intestinal health.divider

If you would like more research of dandelion root tea, there is a plethora of information out there as it isn’t anything new, just a fun wellness and fit tip for you to help with any bloat or internal issues that a little detox may help.

DSC_3022I am going to go make myself a cup and read, currently working on three books at the same time so I need to make a dent. What are you reading this summer?

Talk soon!

<3 Megan

Motivation Monday: Manifest Your Dream Life

It’s the start to a fresh week and if you’re interested in this kind of thing, the last week for our current moon before we get a new moon on Sunday. Sometimes I do make connections with behaviors or patterns in accordance to the cycle of the moon, and fun fact the tides are also affected by the moon (also the sun, but not as much). The moon can be a powerful thing if you want to believe in its energy.

That brings me to back to what I wanted to talk about for today’s Motivation Monday. I base most of these Monday posts on the spirit side of wellness because for some it’s easy to focus on physical (mind, body) wellness and not as easy to work on the spirit portion. Balance in all areas of wellness is crucial for a healthy existence.

DSC_3019There have been a lot of incredible things happening in my life lately that have not only brought me to a place of gratitude but have also given me the opportunity for reflection. Most of the things in my life that are currently bringing me joy and fulfillment are the very things that I expended my energy towards and manifested through journals, vision boards or in my mind.

I saw the direction I wanted my life to follow and put all my focus and drive behind these ideals (dreams).

So many things are possible when you put what you want out into the universe and let go of what you don’t. If the energy you are supplying and surrounding yourself with is supporting your goal, the universe can be a very powerful tool in delivering what you need.

DSC_3017You just need to be patient, faithful in the process, and true to your intentions. It’s really magical if you think about it and if I didn’t see things happen first hand in my own life, it would all seem very ‘hocus pocus’ to me.

If you are a scientific-driven person or someone who needs the facts and numbers try and see it in this light.

dividerA child comes home dreading a book report due the following week. He puts it off every day leading up to the due date because it is the last thing he wants to put his attention towards. Instead of a seemingly harmless book report, it has now manifested into a ticking time bomb that is looming over his every thought. It is clouding his brain when he wakes and when he goes to bed. The probability of him turning in the assignment is low or if it is crammed in and turned in on time, the quality of work is likely to be poor.

If you take this same story and spin it, have the boy face what scares him most about the assignment (the actual work, time away from his friends, not completing or understanding the subject, etc.) and manifest the outcome that would benefit him in the long run, the story can take a completely different turn. The boy would like to get a good grade on the assignment to keep up his average so he can be scouted to play professional baseball.

To get to his dream of playing professional baseball, the boy needs to get good grades and keep his mind clear and calendar open to attend practices and perfect his sport. Asking for help from a teacher, parent of tutor to get the assignment in on time and done correctly is all part of the big picture. With the report behind him he has more time to focus on his goal and attend practice.

Which energy would be more likely to get the boy to his dream, scenario 1 or 2?


Focusing energy on where it counts and keeping your eye on the prize, is what is going to take you to your goal.

If you instead waste time worrying about things you can’t control or putting things off that turn into obstacles in your way, the path begins to be unclear.

This may be a long-winded way of explaining manifestation and getting what you want out of life but it is such an important concept to understand. I truly believe in it’s power and the power of positive thinking and visualizing the life you want to live.

Most of the time the path to what we want is clear, it’s only when we get in our own way with worrying and negative thoughts that it gets diluted.

What tactics do you use when manifesting your future? I’m so interested in this topic and would love to hear! For now I am going to eat some watermelon and watch the Bachelorette (I know, but so necessary sometimes). Have a great week and don’t forget to manifest what you would like in your own future.



Fit Friday: Treat-Yo-Self Superfood Cups

Happy Friday friends! Although I’m trying to get back into the healthy swing of things after our vacation, I still want to make sure I leave room for some decadence and have a treat when I have the craving.

DSC_3004Instead of throwing it all out the window and giving into just any sweet treat I see, I make it a point to include a little nutrition so I’m not totally blowing it.

In preparation for times like these, I like to make treats ahead that I can just grab when the urge strikes.

I was looking through my refrigerator for some protein to include in my treat and came across pepitas (also known as pumpkin seeds). I bought these to throw on top of salads and oatmeal because they are filled with good for you protein, zinc, antioxidants and magnesium.

DSC_3005I’m always on the lookout for magnesium because if you work out regularly your stores are most likely low and stress hormones increased (making it harder to recover and relax). So it’s very important to include magnesium in your diet if you lead an active lifestyle or unbalanced diet.

So with the seeds I had the salty and crunchy, now I needed chewy and sweet. I came across some dried cherries (aim for the kind that’s dried in the sun, no sugar added and organic or local if possible). Cherries and I have a love affair because they have been known to help you wind down and sleep better, are PACKED with antioxidants and can also fight inflammation. Yes please on all accounts!

DSC_3008Now that I had what I wanted to include I reached for my trusty 100% cacao baking chocolate (no sugar just straight chocolate), coconut oil (see benefits here) and cinnamon (more on that here).

If you have five minutes, you have more than enough time to whip up a batch of these, the hardest part will be being patient enough for them to harden in your freezer.

dividerMSF Treat-Yo-Self Superfood Cups


2 TBL unsalted pumpkin seeds or pepitas

2 TBL unsweetened dried cherries, chopped

1 cacao chocolate bar

½ c coconut oil

dash cinnamon

optional 2 tsp maple syrup


Melt chocolate and coconut oil over a double boiler. Stir in cinnamon and maple syrup if you like sweeter chocolate. Line mini muffin tins with liners and pour melted chocolate evenly in cups. Drop chopped cherries and seeds in each chocolate cup and place in freezer for ½ hour. Enjoy! Store in airtight container in refrigerator or freezer up to one week.


dividerDSC_3013So there you have it, an easy way to treat yourself this weekend and one that won’t make you feel guilty for one second. Everyone needs their superfoods! We are back to our weekly tradition of pizza Friday, I can’t wait to make it on the grill and dine al fresca. Hope you have a great rest of your weekend and get to do something outside or active!

🙂 Megan

Wellness Wednesday: DIY Simply Natural Makeup Brush Cleanser

Happy hump day everyone! I feel like I’ve been in straight cleaning mode since I’ve gotten back from our trip. And I don’t mean laundry and vacuuming, I mean cleaning the tile grout, organizing closets, and dusting light fixtures. If you can clean it, I’m getting in there 😉

While I was running around cleaning everything I made sure to go through all the toiletries from traveling and I came across my makeup brushes. It seems like I am constantly cleaning them ever since a facialist turned me on to how much bacteria & nasty germs can grow (EWWW).

DSC_2997She explained how the dirtiest things we house can be those things we come in contact with the most (i.e. cell phones, remotes, door knobs, and yes makeup brushes). Just think of what a perfect breeding ground they can be, swiping them over the oils on our face, coming into contact with the minerals of the makeup we use and never being cleaned? Nope, not in this house.

I began religiously cleaning them once a week and when I have the time I spritz a cleaner on them after each use. In my clean freak mode I took out every makeup brush I owned, even the angled eye makeup one that I can’t even remember ever using and gave them a bath in some freshly made makeup brush cleaner.

DSC_3000This gave me the idea to share my simple recipe with you because who wants a bacteria infested broom brushed all over their face? It’s also important to keep in mind we are using these on our faces so being conscious of the chemicals we are using both in our makeup and in what we are cleaning them with is crucial.

Have no fear, I have a fool-proof cleaning solution that will get those bristles squeaky clean and leave no yucky, toxic residue behind on your beautiful face.

dividerMSF All Natural Makeup Brush Cleanser


½ c witch hazel (this acts as antibacterial)

2 tsp mild dish soap or Castile soap (I use Meyers or Honest Co.)

1 c filtered water


Place all ingredients in a mason jar, put lid on and shake vigorously. Drop makeup brushes in jar bristles down. Let stand 2-5 minutes and rinse and dry completely on windowsill or in the sunshine.

dividerSo there you have it, a simply healthy way to clean those makeup brushes and keep everything you don’t want off your face and your brushes. I hope you are having a great July so far, I can’t believe it’s already a week past the fourth and we are rounding the middle of the month soon.

DSC_2996I am hoping to start a new book tonight and pour an ice cold glass of sparkling water with lime, so easy and so satisfying on these hot summer nights. What are your plans this week?

Talk soon!

<3 Megan

Motivation Monday: No Doubt

Summer is FULL of good vibes. There’s sunshine, outdoor activities, longer days, and for some, a bit of travel. While you could be nose deep in a beach worthy novel, toes in the sand, chilled glass of rose in hand (aaahh) there still could be a part of you that is just feeling…well for lack of a better word…blah.

Sometimes I find myself (even in the best of circumstances) feeling a lack of motivation. If you’ve got it all together and have never felt this way, this post may not be for you. But for the rest of us, I feel like it’s important to note that we don’t need to be pulled together and have it all figured out 100% of the time.

I do think there is a time and a place for knowing when to give yourself some self-care, but most of the time I think we all just need a little push and dose of motivation to get us to where we want to be.

dividerAlthough they may be cheesy, I LOVE looking for relevant quotes and when the right one is read at the right time, it can be all you need for some perspective. Think of it like having the most intelligent, philosophical people in your back pocket ready to give you advice whenever you feel the need.

So when I was searching through some quotes, trying to gain some clarity I found one that I wanted to share for this Motivation Monday, one I think applies to many things in someone’s life and hope that you can find some meaning and be able to apply it to your week.

“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” –Karim Seddiki

LOVE this for so many reasons but mostly for its simplicity (we all know I like to keep it simple). It’s such an elegant way of stating something seemingly so obvious. Often it can be the most obvious lessons or reminders we easily forget, so it’s nice to have quotes like these to reflect on once in awhile.

The next time you’re feeling blah, or even great! Try to search for some meaningful quotes you can apply to your day or week, it may surprise you how simple a task can really change your vibe.

dividerWishing you a week filled with trying things out and zero doubt. I am off to find solace in some shade or the AC because this heat wave we are having in southern California is no joke.



Fit Friday: 4 Simple Rules for a Successful Detox

Happy Friday friends! I took a day off (you may have noticed the absence of a Wellness Wednesday this week) and I feel like I’ve been gone forever. I’ve missed you all! I hope you had a fantastic Fourth of July full of fun and festivities.

If you’ve been following along on Instagram or picking up on my subtle sign-off’s on here you know I’ve been doing a bit of traveling. I was fortunate enough to go back East to see my family and then take a family trip to Greece. I plan on doing a full recap here so stay tuned!

DSC_2988.jpgAfter traveling one of the first things I do (besides laundry) is get a plan in place for a little detoxing. I don’t mean signing up for an extreme juice cleanse or scampering around for things to undo the “damage” I did while I was away. Instead I look at it as a way to get back on track and feel better. I’m not sure if I’m alone in this, but there are only so many dinners out and food on the fly that I can take. I cook most meals at home so I miss it immensely when I’m away.

I’m not saying I always felt this way about detoxing. I used to think you had to starve yourself or cleanse your body of all the toxins built up by doing something extreme such as a juice only cleanse or restrictive diet. I now know how much that backfires and sets you up for failure, if not immediately, down the road for sure.

DSC_2990.jpgSo what I find that actually works and maintains lasting results is planning out a detox routine. It’s also important to keep in mind you need to give yourself some slack, and not throw in the towel after one “slip up”. If you could not resist the doughnut at work, all’s not lost. Take a walk at lunch and plan to fill your body with nutritious foods the rest of the day. It’s all about balance and consistency, not extreme rules.

I will keep it simple and outline some key elements that I use when I’m looking for a little detox or reset, especially after travel.divider

MSF 4 Simple Rules For A Successful Detox

  1. Plan ahead– the secret behind all healthy eating and exercise habits is planning. If you have already planned out the grocery list, meal prep and are mentally prepared for what you are going to make in the kitchen, the rest is easy. The same goes for exercise, if you sign yourself up for a class, make a date with a friend, or put on your workout gear right when you wake up you are out of excuses.
  2. Move it– a lot of travel requires you to sit or be sedentary for long periods of time. I have a VERY hard time sitting still (just ask my hubby) and it makes for interesting plane rides and car rides. Stretching and getting blood flowing to all parts of my body is crucial when I get back from a trip. Even if you have jet lag I highly recommend a few miles of walking followed by stretching or yoga (preferably at least one of these outdoors) and if you can get back into your workout routine you will be better off, trust me.
  3. Fill up– one thing I miss most about traveling outside of the U.S. is the exposure to so many healthy and nutritious foods on a daily basis. We may take it for granted sometimes but I have to say there are few places I’ve traveled to internationally that can compete with the readily available health food we have around us. I take advantage of this when I return and stock up on organic produce (dark leafy greens and melon to combat bloat) and plan out clean meals that will keep my energy up and repair any stress that travel may have had on my body.
  4. Flush out– a major side effect I get from traveling (although some chips and salsa or a beer or two from the past holiday weekend may do it too) is bloat. My fingers and toes feel chubby and the last thing I want to do is put on a belly shirt when I’m feeling this way. A lot of this is due to all the dehydration and change in pressure travel does, to remedy this drinking tons of water and helping to rehydrate and flush out any remaining toxins is extremely helpful.divider

So there you have it, four simply fit rules to help you on your way to a detox plan that will stick. I made a non-fruit smoothie bowl yesterday that I must share because not only is it MSF approved, but it is detox approved as well.DSC_2986

dividerMSF (No Fruit) Peanut Butter Smoothie Bowl


½ c frozen organic spinach

½ c frozen organic cauliflower (I used a rice version, which makes it easier on the blender)

1 scoop vanilla plant protein (I used Vega Vanilla and greens)

1 TBL creamy no salt peanut butter (check for raw, only peanuts in ingredients list)

½ c almond milk

¼ c water (can add more for desired consistency)

dash cinnamon (helps regulate blood sugar)

for topping

1 TBL unsweetened coconut flakes

1 TBL creamy no salt peanut butter


In blender add all ingredients and blend on high. Stop and scrape down sides and continue to blend until well combined (can add more water if consistency is too chunky). Pour in bowl and top with coconut and peanut butter. Enjoy!divider

I am off to take this puppy of mine for a walk, I’ve missed our walks outside and then dinner tonight with some friends to catch up.

Let me know anything you’d like to see on MSF, I’d love to hear!

<3 Megan

Motivation Monday: The Importance of Independence

With a day to celebrate independence on the horizon I wanted to take a moment to reflect. While I could go on a tangent about the state of the world right now and how unity is SO important, I’m not going to.

Instead I wanted to talk about something motivating to us as individuals. Something worth discussing because now more than ever, I feel like the world is becoming more unsure and even a little scary, especially with social media and how quick news seems to travel these days.

DSC_2670I don’t remember being so uncertain about the future. This can be attributed to me being naïve in my youth or maybe even a little sheltered. Or it could be due to the times, and how we get our news now compared to 20 years ago. Regardless, I think it’s worth mentioning that we should not be afraid. That the world is a wonderful and exciting place, still filled with promise and adventure.

I left home to travel to the islands of Hawaii during college and continued to feed my wanderlust since, traveling across country for a job change and settling into new cities with out a network. I loved the unknown, the chance to build a life for myself and meet all the people I haven’t met yet.

IMG_6858Sure, I am a homebody at times and no one is more connected to their family and home life than me. But I also like to form new relationships, see different perspectives and take away any prejudice about a place I may have innately had and instead fill it with understanding.

Being narrow-minded and unaware is never something I was interested in, I have found I am a better person today because of all the travel and inclusion I’ve had in my life. I am a better partner for it and have really discovered what relationships feed my soul, where the giving equals the amount received.

Independence has given me this opportunity. Being able to set myself free and go in the direction I was meant to with out reservation or fear. I hope to pass this same zest for life on to my children and to any children in my life looking for my opinion.

DSC_1647Independence is what forms truly exceptional individuals, and without it this country, my life, and the life of many others would not be the same.

I urge you to go out there and utilize the independence you were so selflessly gifted. Do something on your own, even if it’s a little scary. You may surprise yourself.

dividerTime for me so get some reading and reflecting done for the upcoming posts I have on Greece, I can’t wait to recap with you all.